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The Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses was conceived at the beginning of the first decade of the 20th century and became a reality in 1919, a time when the modern Greek state was reorganizing and consolidating its position in the region.

The benefactors of the School, Sotiris Anargyros from Spetses and Marinos Korgialenios from Cefhalonia envisioned an educational institution that would educate and groom the leaders for the emerging modern Greek society. Their vision converged with the efforts of the prominent politician of the times, Eleftherios Venizelos, for educational reform.

The School was designed and operated on the model of the English Public Schools Eton and Harrow and provided humanistic education aspiring to develop the Universal Man.

The idyllic natural surroundings, the superb architectural design of the buildings, the well equipped laboratories and classrooms in conjunction with the guidance of prominent educators allowed the school to develop into an innovative educational institution. Students from many different cultural groups coexisted within the walls of the School : a large part of the population were the children of Greeks living abroad who sat next to students from Spetses, other remote islands and urban centres. Highly trained educators were hired from Europe and the USA and greek teachers were sent abroad for training.

Pioneering teaching techniques were adopted which are considered advanced even by today’s standards. Both teachers and students were involved in the running of the School, teamwork was promoted, and teachers and students exchanges programmes were instituted. What truly demonstrated however the particular character of the school was the intellectual and ethical content of the curriculum which was the strong foundation on which the School’s graduates built to become distinguished professors, scientists and businessmen.

AT THE DAWN OF THE MILLENNIUM, Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses is continuing its 90 year pioneering presence in the educational life of Greee, contributing to the preparation of tomorrow’s Citizen of Europe by designing and implementing educational and research programmes of a highly innovative nature.

The establishment of the School at the beginning of the century responded to the needs of the emerging modern Greek nation-state for development through stability. The work of the School today responds to and meets the demands of a rapidly changing society, which requires new skills. The volume of knowledge and the possibilities provided by the contemporary scientific breakthroughs along with their social and economic applications are expanding rapidly. However, while the time lag between the generation of knowledge and the assimilation of its products into our daily lives is ever shorter the scientific thought that produced them is getting further and further away from the vast majority of citizens. The educational system is called upon to keep up with developments and transcend its traditional structure so that new scientific knowledge can be channeled to the polity assisting them in the improvement of all aspects of their lives.

Anargyrios and Korgialenios School aims to support multilevel education and training of citizens, through formal and informal education. The School’s research and educational programmes aim to link the findings of research in various subject areas with pupils, students and citizens of the contemporary society.

The programmes meet the challenge and demands created by the socio-economic changes for open and enhanced cooperation, for self assessment and for a continuous redefinition of goals. They are designed to assist young people to adapt to an environment which is constantly being redefined by new technologies. They offer creative and effective solutions for the life long education of citizens within the framework of the multicultural reality which characterizes modern societies.

The recently renovated facilities of the School on the Island of Spetses provide an ideal setting for short, intensive and high quality study and research.

The School of Spetces